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3000S Series - 4 Burner BBQ Only Stainless Steel Pack

3000S Series - 4 Burner BBQ Only Stainless Steel Pack

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Experience cooking perfection with the BeefEater Signature 3000S 4 Burner Built-In BBQ. A durable barbecue with a stainless steel frame and rust-resistant porcelain-coated cast-iron cooktops. The Quartz Start Ignition ensures a hassle-free ignition, first time and every time. Made from BeefEaters innovative titanium-coated design ensures durability and consistency.

Ideal for all occasions, you'll love how easy it is to use, and your family and friends will love the succulent flavors it produces. Designed to impress with an abundance of features, a stainless roll back roasting hood with a large viewing window and temperature gauge makes grilling in an outdoor kitchen a breeze. Cast Iron and Stainless Steel cook packs available.


  •  Durable Rust Resistant Cast Cooktop
  •  Vaporiser Grid System
  •  Cast Iron Burners
  •  Integrated Easy Clean Convection Roasting Hood
  • Integrated Quartz Start Ignition
  • Large Removable Warming Rack