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1000LX-E Series - 4 Burner BBQ with Trolley

1000LX-E Series - 4 Burner BBQ with Trolley

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Experience cooking perfection with a 1000LX-E mobile barbecue. The double skin black porcelain roasting hood with a large viewing window, built-in temperature gauge, and warming rack make grilling a breeze. Designed to suit your home, lifestyle and outdoor kitchen, these magnificent barbecues are packed with state of the art features to make entertaining easy.

The Cast Iron Burners sit high in the BBQ chassis, to ensure maximum power and heat when you need it. The Anti-Flare Stainless steel Vaporisers sit over the burner to prevent direct flame contact with the cooking surface. The Stainless Steel Reflectors sit between and underneath the burners to reflect heat back up to the chamber to ensure maximum power. The Quartz Start Ignition ensures a hassle-free ignition, first time and every time. Made from BeefEaters innovative titanium-coated design ensures durability and consistency.


  •  Premium Cook Tops
  •  Power Burners
  •  Stainless Steel Reflectors
  •  Integrated Quartz Start Ignition
  •  Versatile Cooking Surface Configuration
  •  Integrated Convection Roasting Hood