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Sweeps and Services

Professional chimney sweep service 

Getting your chimney swept is an essential part of keeping your house clean and safe and the good news is that Flint Stoves are here to save you doing it yourself (we are HETAS registered installers, and members of the National Association of Chimney Sweeps). Our chimney sweep service consists of a rotary power sweep, chimney inspection and smoke test.

Call or email us to arrange a convenient appointment for your next chimney sweep.

Woodburning stove service

At the end of each heating season, as well as having your chimney swept, your stove should undergo an annual service which will include stripping, inspecting and cleaning the appliance.

Here at Flint Stoves we can offer this service and ensure that your appliance is safe and working correctly. Our service includes:

  • Full rotary chimney sweep or sweep of flue liner to remove deposits
  • Smoke test
  • Check installation for draw/leaks
  • Checking the stove glass and clean. Advise of any replacement parts
  • Inspect door seals and replace rope if needed
  • Check all fire cement seals and re-cement if necessary
  • Inspect fire bricks, baffle plate and grates. Advise on replacements if needed.
  • Inspect the body of the stove and polish/paint
  • Camera inspection of flue


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